Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Praying Life by Paul Miller

Recommended by Kathy Buhl

Are you as intimate with the Father as you’d like to be or know that you can be?  Can you do life on your own?   Do you believe that time, talent, and money are all that you need to be satisfied?  Are you no longer in need of God’s grace in your life?  Like me, you would probably say a resounding “No!” to all of those questions, yet we don’t pray.  Has prayer become an add-on to our life instead of the very fiber of it?  
In A Praying Life, Paul Miller takes an honest look at what prayer is, what hinders us from praying, and how to enter into a vibrant life of prayer.  Drawing from his own personal examples, Paul shows us how it looks and feels to have a life of prayer.   Prayer is when the real you meets the real God.  Let’s face it, life is messy, ugly, and full of unbelief; not at all how we want to come to God.  Yet, that is exactly what He wants.   A Praying Life encourages us to draw near to the Father in an intimate relationship, not to perform a duty.   Looking at Jesus , his life of prayer, and his utter dependence on the Father, is what we have to guide us as we grow together in prayer.  
Do we believe that God is that personal?  Can and does God change hearts?  What do we do with God’s extravagant promises about prayer and how do we handle unanswered prayer?  These and other tough questions are addressed in A Praying Life as we consider the gospel story that God is weaving in our lives.  
This book will encourage you to connect with God in the daily-ness of life and restore hope and expectation as your life becomes “a praying life.” 

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