Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Exodus and 10 Commandment Resources

For the past couple months we've been looking at Exodus 1-19, and beginning this week we take up the 10 Commandments. Here are a few good resources for our study:

For Exodus as a whole
Exodus, NIV Application Commentary by Peter Enns
This is a great and accessible commentary on Exodus.

For the 10 Commandments
Keeping the 10 Commandments by J.I. Packer
A brief, devotional-like introduction to the 10 Commandments
• The Ten Commandments: Manual for Christian Life by J. Douma
This is a standard and helpful Reformed resource on the Commandments
The Doctrine of the Christian Life by John M. Frame
Frame's brand new, and massive, volume on Christian Ethics. A good portion of this is devoted to the Commandments. What I've read so far is accessible and helpful.
How Jesus Transforms the 10 Commandments, by Edmund Clowney